These boots were made for wading!

CALL us irreverent! Less than two weeks after much of Luzon, including Metro Manila, was flooded from what seemed like nine days and nine nights of monsoon rains, the “Brat Pack,” a group of good friends, which this blogger belongs to, decided to go for a bagyo-themed (typhoon) party, as we celebrated the birthdays of August-born Anjie, Leah, Vlad, Susan and Marlo.

WET, wet, wet! Tanya, Ivy, Edwin and yours truly

With Leah’s home as our venue, the gang consisting of journalists, writers, publicists, a fashion designer,

UNDER the sheltering storm, Shirley and Bing join Frederick

an architect and a civil engineer wore rain gear, complete with Wellies (Wellington boots), plastic raincoats and hat-like umbrellas a la “Miss Saigon,” as we braved an imaginary deluge.

BLACK and, ah, whatever: Susan and I do a Gene and Debbie

There was a deluge all right, but not as Edwin and I expected. Even with the air con in full blast, we “raincoat boys” sweated buckets. Indeed, it was more a case of raining from within than from without, as our transparent outfits began to get soaked from our own perspiration.

BIRTHDAY candles that double as brownout candles? Only in the Philippines.

The “Wellington Kids” had more luck as they modeled their fancy footwear with stylish conviction. Well, Nancy Sinatra, eat your heart out! These boots were made for wading!

Anjie even went a step further by wearing a lanyard attached to a whistle. Well, you can never tell when help will arrive, as imaginary floodwaters swirl and rise faster than you can say “Habagat.” Like Rose in “Titanic,” Anjie had it all figured out.  A whistle may come in handy in calling rescuers’ attention.

People who’ve attended our thematic parties in the past, know that we mean no harm, of course. We did it all in the spirit of good cheer, while we welcomed the sun and another year in the lives of our featured birthday celebrators. Happy birthday, guys!


PAG-ASA’S hope? I think not.