25 things about me, revisited (boy, what was I thinking?)

(Remember when Facebook was fairly new, and we were all so excited that we readily subscribed to a note originated by someone, perhaps, from the US about 25 random things about us? It grew and

DEXTER, the love of my life–so far.

became a chain letter of sorts passed on from one group of friends to another.

(Well, I’m resurrecting mine, not because I’m running out of things to write. I’m dusting it off as a way of sharing it with new “friends and acquaintances” I’ve had the chance to interact with more recently through Facebook, Twitter and this blog.

(I will also be out of the country for a few days, and might not be able to post new entries on my blog. Not that you’re dying for more, I know.

(Don’t worry because I’m not tagging anyone this time. It was 2009 when we wrote our 25s, and some entries in my note need a bit of updating. But back then, here’s what I thought.)

1. I can’t imagine going through life without music and dogs.

2. I think dogs are a whole lot better than certain humans I know. Like a writer whose name escapes me once said: Your dog knows everything about you, but he or she does not and will not tell others about it.

3. I believe the most liberating thing I’ve learned, apart from learning how to walk, was to learn how to drive.

4. I can’t live without a car.

5. I sometimes feel overrated as a writer.

6. I often feel unappreciated as a worker.

I GET a kick out of  reading current events, especially politics.

7. I consider reading Vogue, In Style, Wallpaper and other lifestyle-related magazines a chore.

8. I consider reading Newsweek and watching CNN and BBC as ideal forms of entertainment.

9. I used to be glued as a child to the TV (black and white sans remote control, take note) until it dawned on me soon after college what a waste of time it was.

10. I hardly read the lifestyle pages of other dailies.

11. Come to think of it, I hardly read the lifestyle pages, period.

12. I love to read up on politics and travel stories laced with bits and pieces of history.

13. I used to be self-conscious about “my long-legged” (a.k.a. towering height) until I started traveling abroad and discovered to my horror as well as to my relief how “petite” I was next to countless others. As Aurora Pijuan once said in a Star Margarine commercial, “Iba na ang matangkad!”

14. I still can’t stop wondering which of the two is the more painful way to go: to die of hunger and/or disease OR to die of loneliness.

15. I still haven’t made up my mind whether to get cremated or to allow myself to be viewed like a made-up goldfish when I die.

16. I wouldn’t think twice of going to the ends of the earth to do a GOOD friend a favor or to make the boss happy even if that boss makes me unhappy.

17. I believe for as long as I live that everyday is a miracle and an occasion to give thanks to a higher power.

18. I don’t like Nora Aunor, but I love Vilma Santos.

19. In a fit of rage, I sometimes end up saying unprintable stuff, which I tend to regret later.

20. I no longer regret later.

AS much as possible, I try to live in the present. Let tomorrow take care of itself.

21. I consider self-righteousness in the same league as child abuse, drug trafficking and ethnic cleansing. Despicable, reprehensible, abominable!

EVERY day is a reason to celebrate for big and small miracles that happen in our lives

22. I am often appalled at how stupid and narrow-minded certain supposedly sophisticated, highly educated people, including myself, are.

23. I am often amazed at how smart and practical certain supposedly simple, uneducated people are.

24. I have yet to find my soul mate, which has sometimes led me to believe that I probably don’t have a soul.

25. I have vowed to myself early on not to let other people be my sole sources of happiness, so not finding a soul mate EVER is probably not as bad as it seems.

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