This used to be my playground, Part 2 (our college days at UST)

MY gang and I from UST AB during those salad days. alexyvergara is  second from left, second row

(Continuation) SPEAKING of uniforms, boys didn’t have too many issues back then. AB students were like light years away from wearing today’s prescribed pleated shirts and dark pants for men.

During our days, as long as you wore a white top, any pair of pants, from salt-and-pepper slacks to faded and “stretch” blue jeans, was acceptable. Some of my gay friends even went as far as going to school with puff sleeves, hanging blouses, double-breasted tops and padded shoulders. Nobody cared!

Again, it was the girls who defied convention by tweaking everything from the skirt to the blouse. The skirt, for instance, should be below the knees, but many found a way of showing those supposedly forbidden body parts by folding their respective skirts an inch or two above the waist once they made it through the gate.

One of the most beautiful educators to walk through the corridors of AB, former Dean Magdalena Villaba, showed them through her example how to dress with subtlety and style, but our female

WITH broadcaster Arnold Clavio, another UST AB alumnus

classmates certainly had other ideas.

At the UST AB reunion in early 2011: Glenda, Deag, Teng and alexyvergara

If I remember right, the prescribed blouse for women back then should be tucked in. Well my friend Celine followed it, but the rest of the gang from Glenda to Teng, Dinah to Ellen, Joy to Itchie, Anna to Deng, insisted on wearing an “untucked,” blouson-type version on most days.

There was a day when Celine was the only one wearing the prescribed tucked-in blouse, making her appear in the eyes of outsiders as the rule-breaker. It was just a matter of time before she took the deviants’ lead.

When we left school, it didn’t take long for the AB office to revise its rules on women’s uniforms by giving in to “popular demand.” Farewell tucked-in blouse, goodbye hourglass silhouettes, so long killer heels.

But to my mind, the mother of all rule-breakers when it came to uniforms was beauty queen-turned-college student Lampel Luis, who came to class one early morning in a form-fitting, hip-hugging pencil skirt!

Alas, we didn’t see much of her (and her pencil skirt) since she left (or perhaps was asked to leave) UST even before the first semester of the first year was over to pursue a short-lived movie career.

But we did get to see the likes of rocker Lou Bonnevie, dancer Jojo Alejar and campus heartthrob Rey “PJ” Avellana from time to time. On good days, we even caught a glimpse of singer Nonoy Zuñiga attending classes at the adjacent Medicine Building. Piolo Pascual, one of AB’s most famous products, was probably still in his diapers back then. (To be continued)

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