Flat chested? Phoemela Baranda shares her beauty ‘issue’ and how Dr. Vicki Belo solved it (Part 1)

PHOEMELA Baranda feels “flattered” with her new curves

MODEL-TURNED-TV personality Phoemela Baranda didn’t lose sleep for being flat chested, but when she crossed over to TV a few years ago, she started noticing how “flat” she looked. That was when she considered undergoing breast augmentation.

Since she has been going to Belo Medical Group (BMG) for her skin-care needs, she sought Dr. Vicki Belo’s advice. Baranda soon underwent the procedure, and was quite pleased with the results.

“As a model, I never needed extra curves,” she said. “But it was different on TV. I was super flat before, but after the procedure, my new figure is now more flattering.”

Baranda and fellow celebrities Grace Lee and Jennylyn Mercado recently faced members of the media at Shangri-La Makati to share their respective beauty issues, and how Belo and her team of doctors addressed them.

While not a few surgical clinics, especially in the US, put breast implants just beneath the woman’s nipples or areolas, BMG literally goes deeper by placing them under the muscles.

Although it’s more difficult to do, such a procedure is worth it, as it leaves a more lasting and flattering appearance, said Belo. In contrast, implants tucked under the areola, apart from looking obviously fake,  has a greater tendency to sag over the years.

“You just make a slice under the nipple and put the implant in, and that’s it. Nothing holds the implant but the skin. Since skin is quite weak, we’ve had to redo countless women who’ve had breast augmentation procedures done by other doctors,” she said.

These women underwent the procedure at 18, and by the time they reached 25, their breasts were already sagging down to their stomachs.

“As we age, skin tends to sag overtime. Since muscles are stronger, it would hold the implants better and longer. You could be 80 years old, and your implants would still be standing,” Belo explained.

And since muscles move with the body, the implants also look and feel more natural as opposed to those placed just under the nipples.

Belo also assured those thinking of having breast implants of their ability to breastfeed in the near future. Since the implants are tucked deep within the muscles, the chances of them impeding the production of milk are unlikely. Implants won’t also come into contact with the baby.

Sensation, especially within the nipple area, won’t be affected since the procedure doesn’t involve cutting or slicing any of the nerves under the areolas.

“That’s backed up by research. But let’s ask Phoem. Has the sensation, in any way, diminished after the procedure?” the naughty Belo asked. (Next time, beauty issue no. 2: hefty arms)

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