Dark, uneven skin tone? Jennylyn Mercado shares her beauty ‘issue’ and how Dr. Vicki Belo solved it (Last of 3 parts)

AT the rate she’s going, it won’t come as a surprise if Jennylyn Mercado soon auditions for the role of Snow White, Philippine version.

(Conclusion) For the naturally slim Jennylyn Mercado, her main concern was her dark, uneven complexion. This became more pronounced, she said, when shooting outdoors.

“I was really born dark,” the singer-actress said. “Because of my work, I get exposed to the sun a lot, especially when we do outdoor shoots. One part of my skin used to end up darker than the covered area. It was so difficult to achieve a lighter, more even skin tone.”

After a series of Glutathione-IV injections, supplemented with oral doses of Belo Essentials’ glutathione capsules with collagen and vitamin C, Mercado was able to achieve a lighter, more even and glowing skin tone. She also visits the Belo Medical Group regularly to get a thorough body scrub.

“Of course, she has to maintain it,” said Dr. Vicki Belo. “Otherwise, her dark skin tone would come back. The procedure is safe. And contrary to rumors, glutathione doesn’t cause liver cancer. In fact, it helps the liver, which always takes a beating from the things we eat and drink, get rid of  free radicals.”

When she was starting her practice, Belo couldn’t understand the typical Filipina’s obsession with becoming “whiter.” She would always tell clients to be proud of their kayumanggi (brown) complexion, but they would still insist that Belo include a skin-whitening program in her menu of services.

“They told me that I have no idea what they’re feeling because I’m not dark,” she said. “I had no choice but to respond. Achieving a lighter skin tone is still one of the leading concerns we get from clients.”

When daughter Cristalle Henares and her team were developing an over-the-counter glutathione capsule, Belo insisted that they give her more than a skin-whitening oral solution. She wanted something that could also minimize wrinkles and other obvious signs of skin aging.

“I told them, don’t just give me glutathione capsules,” Belo said. “Give me collagen with it. It’s not enough to look white, you also need to have a softer, smoother and more even skin tone.”

THERE’S no one-way ticket to a fairer, glowing skin, as Mercado learned. She has to regularly visit Belo and take glutathione capsules to maintain her lighter, more even skin tone.

2 thoughts on “Dark, uneven skin tone? Jennylyn Mercado shares her beauty ‘issue’ and how Dr. Vicki Belo solved it (Last of 3 parts)

  1. Hai po.
    ..pwede po bah mg tanong? Available po bah ang gluta injection nya sa butuan city mindanao? O cagayan de oro? and how much??? Gusto ko po sana mgpa inject…need ur responce…thank you…

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