How a chubby girl and an uncouth grammar-buster cyber bullied me, and other post Cybercrime Prevention Act reflections (Part 3)

MY fashion review in PDI that got grammar-buster’s goat

NOW, we come to the ultimate cyber bullying I’ve been subjected to so far. And it involves a silly girl with zero foresight and a seemingly déclassé designer who always ends up mangling Shakespeare’s favorite language as seen in his constant ululations on Facebook.

Of course he copy-pasted this post from chubby girl’s wall. Based on his track record on Facebook, the guy is incapable of writing a single simple sentence without mangling Shakespeare’s favorite language.

But before I continue, let me get a few things straight.

Quoting loosely from Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, the supposed architect of martial law who has successfully reinvented himself in the eyes of a new generation of Filipinos as an elder statesman-slash-rock star, I’m not doing this to settle scores. Had I wanted to, I would have done it a long time ago with guns blazing.

Like Enrile, who was also quoted to have said these words during the recent launch of his published memoirs, neither am I doing this to look good. Nothing I say would make me look any better or wiser to people who hate me. That’s why I’ve stopped trying a long time ago.

WHOEVER wrote this, should try her hand at writing fiction online. But, girl, be more circumspect when it comes to the objects of your ire’s identities. The Cybercrime Prevention Act might cut short your promising career.

I just want to impart a few life’s lessons I’ve managed to learn along the way to those who care to listen. There may be a fine line that separates the professional from the personal, but there is, nonetheless, a line that divides the two.

Should we dare cross this line by taking legitimate criticisms related to our work personally, we would end up revealing more about ourselves than the object of our derision.

My latest brush with cyber bullies happened during the latter part of 2010 after one of my fashion reviews came out. (Why are you not surprised?) This time, the perpetrators were brave enough, or, so it seemed, to identify themselves.

It was one of those smorgasbord shows cooked up by people behind Philippine Fashion Week (PFW), which featured a group of designers. To cut a long story short, one of the featured talents was Raoul Ramirez, whom I don’t know personally.

May bitch slap ka pang nalalaman, pwe! You might lose your West Coast twang should somebody give you a real slapping.

Ramirez took offense at my less-than-glowing reviews of his collection, and made his feelings known by posting all sorts of insults against my person on Facebook—from my looks to my supposed lowly origins and inability to travel abroad to be able to discern what real fashion was all about.

When somebody told him that I’ve been to almost every continent in the world except Antarctica, Ramirez was reportedly adamant that I couldn’t have afforded all those trips on my own. Wow, how could I even hope to meet his standards of chicness when he kept on raising the bar at every turn? No fair! 😀

Ramirez, in his own brand of fractured English that could have turned the likes of Melanie Marquez into a seasoned English major, kept at it on Facebook for weeks on end without getting any reply from me.

The funny part was I didn’t even know initially that he was throwing everything at me, including the kitchen sink. He obviously took my review personally, and couldn’t stand the fact that someone had dared to point out obvious weaknesses in his collection.

It took a mutual friend of ours on Facebook to update me of his fury. Even funnier was I didn’t even know that Ramirez was also on my list of Facebook friends until a friend—a real and not virtual one—pointed it out to me while I was covering a cruise in the Caribbean. I was most likely too engrossed with all those nice, hard bodies to pay any attention to my newsfeeds. 😉

I had this bad habit before of accepting friend requests from strangers based on the number and quality of mutual friends we have. If your friends were my friends, then I didn’t see any reason why we couldn’t be friends. Sadly, based on my experience with Ramirez, it doesn’t always work out that way. (Coming up next, the chubby girl’s identity and my conclusion to this tale of bloody injustice. Natch!) 😉

9 thoughts on “How a chubby girl and an uncouth grammar-buster cyber bullied me, and other post Cybercrime Prevention Act reflections (Part 3)

  1. Alex, I love your reactions to the spewed garbage from people who don’t like your reviews. Maybe these folks should ponder the old saying, popularized by President Harry Truman, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Best regards. Bob

    • Yes, Bob, that’s a classic. Why join a fashion show if you can’t handle the criticism? Perhaps, they should instead keep their clothes in the closet. I didn’t say you’re ugly, but your clothes are. There is a big difference. 😀

    • How can they, Jude, when they’ve done a Churchill on their current one. They’ve invested their “blood, sweat and tears” in every beadwork, embroidery and applique that went into each piece. Let no one say it’s ugly or he’s gonna get it.

    • Well, Paolo, you said it not me. What I’m willing to stake my reputation for is he’s the most uncouth designer I’ve dealt with. Based on my experience, he’s totally immature and without class.

      • Yes, Paolo, I heard about the ongoing war between Hedi and Horyn, but I never thought Hedi would go that far. Aliw! I also heard that Cathy wasn’t invited to the YSL show. But you know what? She’s probably having the last laugh. Even without her, the reviews on Hedi’s debut collection are all bad. I saw the pieces. They’re like Stevi Nicks goes to Texas. Too boho, loose and slouchy for my taste. Despite being heavily inspired by the 70s, the collection failed to show anything new. Worse, it doesn’t look expensive. By the way, I’ve hidden a few of our earlier exchanges that might be used by other people against us. Thanks, I feel vindicated already by your judgment of you-know-who. Now, on to newer issues. 😉

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