How my iPhone went through the ultimate torture test, and came out of it still alive

AY PHONE! Look what happened to my iPhone.

MY iPhone and I a few days after my birthday in February. I’m sad and at the same time livid because of my stupidity. Well, it could have been worse.

REMEMBER the dog whose entire body was in a cast in the hit comedy film “There’s Something About Mary?” I can’t recall his breed anymore, but I think he was a schnauzer. Anyway, the dog had an accident, and the next thing viewers see is the poor thing wrapped in a cast with only his eyes, ears and snout peeking out.

Matt Dillon’s character got the dog out of the hospital, but, in his haste, he left his pet on the car’s roof as he drove off to parts unknown. Like in most comedies, there was no “closure,” as viewers never got to know what happened to the dog.

Well, life has a way of imitating art. This time an Angry Bird of an iPhone was involved. I was feeling upbeat after seeing my doctor last Saturday night and getting word that, again, nothing was terribly wrong with me. Not yet, anyway.

Big mistake

Before driving home, I decided to walk to a KFC outlet across the hospital to buy my folks some chicken, mashed potato and macaroni salad. I left my Louis Vuitton bag (a.k.a. my security blanket) in the car, and decided to just take my wallet and iPhone with me. Big mistake!

Upon my return, and with my hands full as I held on to the paper bagged goodies from KFC, I decided to leave the stuff I bought on the car’s roof as I fish out my car keys from one of my tight jeans pockets. In the process, I also removed my iPhone from the same jeans pocket to keep it from getting scratched by the keys. Big mistake No. 2.

Because my security blanket of a bag wasn’t around, my routine got out of whack. I also put the iPhone with the rest of the food on the car’s roof. When I finally got hold of the keys, I started moving everything from the car’s roof into the cabin. Or so I thought.

Yes, I drove off from the hospital’s parking lot not knowing that I left my iPhone on top of the car. Oddly enough, I was still able to drive 2 kms along busy Zapote-Alabang Road until I heard something fell off my roof and hit the window on the car’s left-hand side with a soft thud.

Before that, I had to swerve a bit as I tried to avoid a motorcycle that was partly blocking my path. That move most likely did it. After wondering what it was for a second or two, I dismissed it as a “stray” object hurled by some guy who had nothing better to do. It took me another 2 kms before I finally made the connection. Wait, that was no stray object. It was my precious iPhone, which fell off the roof!

Altered state

I drove back, and to my relief, found the thing still lying on the road in an altered state, of course. In lieu of its shiny glass monitor, a network of cracks not unlike Spider-Man’s web on a bad day greeted me. I already gave up on it, and was just after my SIM and the phone’s contents.

Nothing, not even an industrial-strength product meant for the army, would have survived what my iPhone had gone through: falling off a speeding car, hitting the road and being run over by God knows how many cars and jeepneys.

But, lo and behold, when I held the thing, it was still bright and its icons managed to move left to right, right to left with a touch or two of my pointy finger. And I didn’t get a single cut from all that cracked glass. Oh my God, Igor, it’s (still) alive! I tried calling my other cellphone using it, and it still worked. I texted myself using the hapless iPhone with these words: “Ang tanga ko” (I’m such an idiot)! Still, it worked.

Despite looking like a “classic,” as my sister in law, who saw an after photo on Facebook, described my iPhone, (she probably meant vintage) the thing still works. I won’t be able to read emails and watch video clips for a while, however, as the cracks get in the way, but a friend told me that all it needs is a new casing and it will be as good as new. Don’t bother asking me to collect insurance for it because I didn’t avail of one.  And I don’t think it’s wise to heed my brother in law’s well-meaning suggestion: “You should try asking Apple for a replacement because there’s nothing in the manual that says don’t leave on the car roof and drive.” Ha-ha!

Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace, I’m impressed!

OH my God, Igor, it’s (still) alive!

3 thoughts on “How my iPhone went through the ultimate torture test, and came out of it still alive

  1. I had a similar experience not too long ago – emptied pockets to fish for car keys, left iphone on the roof of the car in the process. Difference was I didn’t remember my katangahan until after 3 hours! Needless to say it was nowhere to be found when I came back for it. Ok, no biggie I can try to locate it by iCloud..oh wait, I never activated it on the phone! I knew I would need it someday, grrr. So I declared it a goner….until two weeks later, I received an email saying “I found this phone with its screen smashed beyond repair. I recovered all data, did you want your pictures back?”. To which I replied “I wish for the whole thing to be returned regardless of its condition, thank you very much”. Turns out he went ahead and had the screen/digitizer fixed so he can have some use for it but he’s willing to give it back to me if I refund him whatever he paid for the parts (he has the receipt) or he can just put the smashed screen back (he taped all the pieces together) and hand me the broken thing. It taught me a lesson on human values. For this guy, “finders keepers” – no second thoughts on keeping found gadgets for himself (he’d already used the phone to store 100+ songs) even if he could probably find a way to return the gadget if he really wants to. But when he realizes that beyond the gadget, the owner might want back irreplaceable reminders of precious memories, he made a move to return at least the latter at the beginning. So the ending was – I got my phone back, I paid him for the parts and thanked him appropriately not just for the effort he put in to re-install the new screen (i know it can be a pain) but more so for having the heart to return everything. His simple reply was he believes in the golden rule. If you’re curious, it was baby pictures that saved the day 🙂 Sorrry, napa-nobela! Sobrang relate lang.

    • Wow, Hanna, what are the chances that I wasn’t the only one who experienced what I’ve experienced? Hahaha! Actually, yours is the more interesting story because it involved another person. We could even tweak it and make a movie out of it. It was nice of him to have returned it. How many people would do that? In Japan, a lot, perhaps, but in a lopsided society like ours, I’m afraid not too many. In first world countries, such things are treated like ordinary objects because everyone could buy one. In the Philippines, we view them as status symbols because not everyone could afford smartphones. I’m glad the guy did the right thing. I’m even happier that you got your phone back and that you knew how to show your appreciation. It’s the only way we could encourage honesty among people, one finder at a time. 😀

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