MOMMY, where's the Magnolia ice creame

MOMMY, where’s the Magnolia ice cream?

IF I were to write a nugget of wisdom for every year I’ve spent on earth so far, I would have to think long and hard because the years have magically piled up faster than I expected.

When I was in kindergarten, I vividly remember hearing my mom talking to an acquaintance, who, it turned out, just celebrated her 28th birthday the week before.

For someone who was just learning to count aloud, I found the woman’s age almost stratospheric. In my young mind, the figure sounded so remote, so “sophisticated.”

When I’m 28

SOME host I am, eating my guest's food

SOME host I am, sampling my guest’s food

“I wonder what I’d feel like once I get to reach that age,” I said to myself then. “By that time, I’d probably have all the money in the world to buy the things I want.”

The funny part was, since my needs were simple and my imagination limited, I had no idea, had you asked me then, what I wanted to buy. I just relished the thought of someday being independent without explaining to anyone, lest of all my parents, why I bought this and that and where I got the money to buy them.

Well, look at me now. Not only have I been blessed by a higher power to reach the ripe, old age of 28. I’ve even surpassed it by two solid decades.

As I grow another imaginary ring that circles my bones signifying yet another birthday tomorrow, February 3rd, here are just four of life’s lessons I’ve managed to learn along the way. I’m sure many of you can totally relate to certain “truths” as I see them.

Two seconds away

NOW, what are you having?

NOW, what are you having?

I promise to share with you a fifth one once I turn 50 (and that’s just a mere two seconds away). 😉

1. The older you become, the less patience you have for double talk. Although you may not always show that impatience, more often than not, instinct tells you if a person is sincere or just going through his or her Oscar moments with you as the audience. You quickly separate the grain from the chaff without so much as overanalyzing like you did before why some people are like that. How come? Because some people are just like that.

2. Although you’re more vocal about your feelings now compared to when you were, say, in your 20s, you’re also more selective as to when and to whom to reveal these feelings to. Put another way, you choose your battles more carefully with the full knowledge that some battles, although winnable, aren’t worth all that trouble at all.

3. No matter how long the supposed extended weekend is, there’s never enough time to do the things you want and spend it with the people you love. To resort to that cliché said often enough in not a few American B movies set in the Sahara, it seems “the sands of time are running out.”

Where have all those minutes and hours gone? This faster-than-real-time pace is so unlike my life back in college when I seemed to have all the time in the world to do everything I wanted to do except for the most important one—attend to my studies, which I tried to cram in during those long jeepney rides from our house in Quezon City to my school in Manila.

WHATEVER I did the year before seemed forgiven and forgotten, as they all came back when I turned 3. I'm feeling the love, guys!

WHATEVER I did the year before seemed forgiven and forgotten, as they all came back when I (first row, fourth from left) turned 3. I’m feeling the love, guys!

4. Although family members and friends of longstanding may disappoint you and even break your heart every now and then, at the end of the day, they’re still the best persons you could run to and who would understand you, especially when you’re being too difficult, pigheaded and blind to the truth for your own good. They, not a fat bank account, fast car and posh condo unit, are the true measures of a person’s wealth. Don’t ever take them for granted. 😀

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