The ugly mind of Manila’s Vice Ganda

VICE Ganda: Monster or misunderstood? (

VICE Ganda: Monster or misunderstood? (

IS it simply another proxy battle in the decades-old network wars as one ABS-CBN executive who declined to be identified in a Philippine Daily Inquirer report would like us to believe, or is this latest controversy symptomatic of something deeper–a sick sense of humor that’s a hallmark of the Filipino psyche?

Openly gay comedian Vice Ganda, one of ABS-CBN’s top draws, now finds himself in hot water among social media denizens after cracking a series of jokes, which many now find tasteless and vulgar, at the expense of leading broadcast journalist Jessica Soho. Vice, in his May 17th concert at the Araneta Coliseum, not only poked fun at Jessica’s weight and hefty build, but appeared quite blasé as he linked her figure to such a serious matter as rape.

BIG time, good time

BIG time, good time (

I’m pretty sure many of you by now have either read news reports or seen the incriminating YouTube video wherein Vice, dressed in a beaded and sparkly long-sleeved swim suit, deadpanned that if Jessica, a veteran and multi-awarded journalist, were to become an actress and do sexy roles, she would have to be gang raped to appear convincing. He then reverted back to his primary “peg,” which was Jessica’s weight.

Chief rapist: “Ilabas na ang lechon (bring out the roasted pig–in reference, of course, to plus-size Jessica)!”

Jessica: “Eh, ‘asan ang apple (But, where’s the apple)?”

In front of network executives

Vice reportedly began his segment by poking fun at several ABS-CBN talents before training his brand of comedy on Jessica, GMA’s vice president for news and public affairs. After bringing the house down with his make-believe scenario about Jessica and her futile attempts to mount a talking weighing scale–“only one at a time, only one a time,” the comedian segued to his gang rape scenario to the delight of a jam-packed audience, including ABS-CBN executives such as Charo Santos, Malou Santos and Deo Edrinal.

IS Vice a reflection of the Pinoy psyche? (

IS Vice a reflection of the Pinoy psyche? (

Jessica’s GMA colleagues naturally came to her defense on Twitter and in their respective radio programs a few days later. The veteran journalist herself has come out with a statement saying in so many words that although she was personally hurt by the weight thing, the issue was far bigger than her (no pun intended) because it involved Vice’s seemingly dismissive views on rape.

A friend of mine on Facebook messaged me expressing how “disturbed” she was by what Vice said as well as the presence of ABS-CBN executives and talents who didn’t even bother to hide their amusement during his show. Meanwhile, another Facebook friend, who, after claiming that he was no fan of Vice on his status, bewailed the undue attention the joke has been getting from people whom he also took to task for not expressing the same degree of condemnation when an unnamed woman was brutally raped in India sometime in December.

In yet another twist, the ABS-CBN executive who refused to be identified found it “curious” that only GMA talents seemed to be making a big deal out of it, and only now. Well, my Facebook friend and I as well as countless others are offended by Vice’s nonchalant (“casual” in gay speak) attitude on rape, and we aren’t from GMA.

Crude palusot

It was plainly a crude way of making palusot (avoiding and/or obfuscating the issue). Instead of addressing the issue, the ABS-CBN executive (whom, I have reason to suspect, is from the network’s corporate communications group) simply dismissed the development as something blown out of proportions by people identified with GMA, ABS-CBN’s rival network. What arrant nonsense!

MS. ABS-CBN executive, spell Vice? M-O-N-E-Y!

MS. ABS-CBN executive, spell Vice? M-O-N-E-Y!

At the same time, ABS-CBN has been airing stories of how depressed Vice is about missing his family. In a glaring attempt at paawa (to gain public sympathy), a report came out saying that the star hasn’t reported for work for several days now. Instead of making its talent address the issue, what we get is a crude attempt at spin from the country’s supposed purveyors of responsible broadcast journalism.

(This just in: Vice issues a non-apology apology claiming, among other things, that he didn’t mean to make fun of rape. Huh? And that comedy may mean different things to different people. Okay. So how do you answer those, including Jessica, who now find your comedy in poor taste?)

To put things in perspective, what Vice did was par for the course for him and his ilk. Being a graduate of so-called comedy clubs that now dot Metro Manila, Vice has been making countless people laugh by zeroing in on a particular person’s idiosyncrasies and physical deformities. It doesn’t make the approach right, but it has been the way things are in these parts even before Vice burst and entrenched himself in the national consciousness.

MEDIA heavy weight Jessica Soho, a veteran and multi-awarded broadcast journalist (

MEDIA heavy weight Jessica Soho, a veteran and multi-awarded broadcast journalist (

Even the late and esteemed Comedy King Dolphy and his then rival Chiquito weren’t immune to it. The easiest way to make the Filipinos masses laugh is to make fun of the obvious. And what could be more obvious apart from playing, say, a gay character in drag or a fish-out-of-water type? It’s to draw humor from another person’s skin color, build, sexual orientation and facial and other physical deformities.

I’m willing to bet that Vice has said much cruder things in the past, and didn’t just get away with it. He most likely even won praise for it.

Welcome to the big time

The only difference now is that he’s no longer playing to a roomful of people without smartphones in one of those crowded comedy clubs. As expected of a star of his stature, he has now arrived and conquered the Big Dome itself. Big time na talaga si bakla!

And, oh, lest I forget. Jessica, as fellow GMA broadcaster Arnold

"MA'AM" Charo Santos: Mababaw ang kaligayahan. (

“MA’AM” Charo Santos: Mababaw ang kaligayahan. (

Clavio pointed out, was quietly minding her own business. Unlike, say, Panchito or Tintoy, Dolphy and Chiquito’s perennial sidekicks, respectively, she has not agreed nor is she being paid to be Vice’s “sounding board” in his attempts to draw some laughs. For Pete’s sake, she’s not even a comedienne but a no nonsense broadcast journalist.

My friend disagreed when I told her that Vice’s popularity could be traced to the Filipinos’ penchant to laugh at (or, at least, be critical of) people who seem different from them. I hate to say it, but it seems ingrained in our psyche. Stating the obvious by calling someone, for instance, as “Pedrong duling” (Pedro, the cross-eyed) or “Mariang sakang” (Maria, the bow-legged) is normal and acceptable in our culture, which seems to put a premium on appearances.

Rape in whatever form

As for my other Facebook friend’s open rant in defense of Vice, lest he forgets, rape in whatever form (meaning whether done to a woman or a man) and in whatever society, is serious. It should never be taken lightly by using it as fodder for a comedy sketch.

And how is he to know how we felt and reacted to something as heinous as the rape and attempted murder of a hapless woman and her male companion in India? It only takes one too many jokes about rape to make a society inured to it before the Philippines witnesses its own India. Should we let Vice’s joke pass just because we didn’t rant and rave like we should over a crime that happened thousands of miles away?

So, is this development simply nothing but an escalation in the never-ending network wars taken to a whole new level? If you ask me, no. But if you ask the people behind the two networks, perhaps. It would now be up to GMA talents and broadcasters to prove the ABS-CBN executive wrong. Should one of their own do a Vice someday, would they, like their colleagues from ABS-CBN stonewall and keep quiet, or would they call attention to the deed for what it truly is: coarse, demeaning, uncalled for and, in this day and age, regressive?

A GUEST of my favorite paper (

AS A GUEST of my favorite paper (

54 thoughts on “The ugly mind of Manila’s Vice Ganda

      • Sorry to be brutal, but Mr (?) Vice is so disgusting that his comments should be ignored and his appearances should be boycotted. is he really popular? I have never heard about him before and let it stay this way.

      • Ewa, what a pleasant surprise! Nice of you to drop by. Yes, Vice is still a Mr. as far as I know. 🙂 I guess every country has one–a comedian that appeals to the masses with Vice’s type of comedy, making fun of others in a demeaning and insulting way. I’m glad you got my point. Although Vice still has a wide following in the Philippines, this latest controversy has also shown that many decent people don’t approve of his brand of comedy. Thank God. There is hope for the Philippines yet. Thank you for your comment. I’m so honored to “see” you here.

  1. There is simply no excuse for maligning somebody in the guise of making a joke to make people laugh. The sad thing about this saga is that: in this country tastelessness and vulgarity sell. Vice Ganda’s phenomenal rise to fame is his ability to draw big bucks and fatten the pockets of his network’s owners and their minions. But rape as a fodder for jokes??? Anyone who finds humor in that must be either heartless, a rapist him/herself or one who is sick in the mind. I hate it when Joey de Leon makes fun of the EB babes and dots his comments with sexist innuendos. This ugly network war, sadly, has not improved the programming of either station who are scrambling all over themselves to gain higher audience rating. Thank God for cable tv, I can always switch channels to disabuse myself of sick jokes and the horrible comedians who make them.

  2. How could I have missed this blog post of yours? It seems that many people have reacted to it that I missed this one. What saddens me is that yesterday, SM North EDSA was jampacked as I hurried for an errand at an IT shop. They had Vice Ganda and the crowds continued to faun over to that bitch. They want to be like her as if being a celebrity equates to having the power to become a real bitch in life. We know better that there’s a thin line between divas and bitches.

  3. Thank you. Very well put. One does not have to hurt or insult people to be regarded as an effective comedian. I found the (non) apology halfhearted, with the “preamble” designed to rationalize the bad joke.

  4. ng mapanood ko ang video na ito wala akong sinayang na sandali para punahin ang kataranduhang pinagsasabi ng taong ito. tao nga sya .marami akong sinabing comments sa kanya na masasama w/c deko sana sinabi dahil nakakababa din ng uri but i can’t help it. sobra kc ang panlalait na ginawa nya para lang makapag patawa..

    una akong nagalit sa bastos na to sa mga comments nya kay nancy binay at ito de sya tumigil at binanatan pa nya si ms. soho at doon na sya nagkamali,,it’s a big mistakes vice panget….

    at yong paghingi nya ng apology eh tama kayo kong sinabi nyong halfhearted o baka wala lang makapag apology lang..kc yon mga binitawang reasons nya ay de katanggap tanggap..ginawa nya tayong mga walang isip, bakit anong akala ng baklang to mga idiots tayo. kong mayron mang idiot dito sya yong pinaka…she/he is a stupid idiot i’ve ever seen.. ..sori po sa mga ginamit kong de magagandang salita nakaka hb lang talga syang mag joke…tasteless at walang sense.

    • Stupid na, idiot pa. Medyo strong ha. 🙂 But you’re right about the apology. You could sense that misplaced pride oozing from Vice in the way he delivered it. “Uunawain” ko na lang kayo. Well, in Vice’s world, tayo pa ang di makaintindi sa ginawa niya. It’s either he didn’t see it or he refuses to see it, which is more difficult.

  5. I am actually very happy that this faux pas of Vice Ganda happened. Why? Because I am sure whether he/she acknowledges it or not, by now the painful realization has struck. Many people actually find his/her way of making people laugh not only unfunny but offensive. And mind you, it is not just your regular Tomas, Juana and Andres but even his/her own kapamilya like Anthony Taberna who openly admitted in his radio program, Dos por Dos that he does not like Vice’s comedy style. In other blogs you will see other celebrities like Jim Paredes, Monique Wilson, etc. also saying they are not happy with Vice Ganda.

    Whether Vice will do something about it or not, Pandora’s box has been opened and Vice should now rethink deeply how to deliver his/her punchlines whether on stage in comedy bars or on TV. We have to admit that before this brouhaha happened, Vice was sitting/standing uncontested on a very high pedestal perhaps thinking and believing that everyone on this side of earth loves and adores him/her. Now he/she is treading the same path of a former ABS CBN talent, Willie Revillame. People will now be watching his/her every move and word.

    PS. I can’t wait for Sunday when the lord of all spin masters come out in his loud, booming voice on The Buzz telling everyone how we have all overreacted to a simple joke.

  6. I read the article and I am very much surprised with what just happened. I agree that people today, mostly prefer jokes which are really to point out the deformities or the disabilities of other people. I myself have witnessed things like these. I hope that this will be a big lesson for all of us not only for the people involved in the issue. Thank you for this article. 🙂 Really Worth reading . 🙂

  7. He/She got inebriated with fame and lost the thought that the people affected by His/Her comment , will not tolerate such abuse ..Thank you for sharing the article worth reading…

  8. Very well said. Sometimes, the Filipino’s strength does not really spring from being able to smile at his own misfortunes. It stems from knowing that others are less fortunate and are therefore more laughable. And on the joke issue, what arrogance! “Ako na lang po ang uunawa sa inyo.” in his apology. Yes, he has to understand the thinking class would not laugh at mindless jokes, as sophisticated as it may seem for him. 😉

  9. there’s just no excuse for making any person the butt of the joke. who wants to? and hmmm, if there is responsible broadcasting, dapat meron na ding “responsible joking” sa media. good that ms jessica immediately reacted, otherwise she would be synonymous to gang rape. nancy binay should react too, otherwise she will be synonymous to dusk-complexioned dumb-witted candidate as what vice had described her in his sketch. if there’s one thing people like about vice it’s his capability to turn someone into an expression, like “IDawn Zulueta mo ako.” This refers to the gesture of running towards a love one then holding her waist and lifting her up in the air while turning in place. this came about when vice requested richard gomez to recreate that scene in Hihintayin Kita sa Langit.

  10. he’s not even the horse he imitates…. a horse is a very quiet animal….. looks only in one direction and only reacts/retailiates when provoked. he’s not only done this once, not twice, not thrice but very very many times….. if you try to watch his ggv kahit once lang in your lifetime — you will know what i mean. anyways, he’s beginning to slide down to the deepest pit he never imagined…..

  11. Vice Ganda is VULGAR. In the few occassions I’ve watched his show, one showed him comment on the boyfriend of a Canadian Filipina’s Canadian boyfriend and said: “And guwapo nya. Gusto ko syang bigyan ng “LOLLIPOP”. Any adult, decent or otherwise, knows the connotation of that remark. In another show where Sir Chief and Maya were his guests, he WENT DOWN ON HIS KNEES (putting his head in the level of the crotch), to help Sir Chief . . . remove his jacket??? And commented: “Ang bango ng pantalon mo.” VICE GANDA IS DISGUSTING. Who is heavens name categorized him as PUBLIC ENTERTAINMENT?

  12. Loud and Tasteless – that’s what that screaming faggot is! He is ugly inside and out (sorry for being brutally frank) and yet he loves to call himself Ganda? Kadiri!!! Lumobo ang ulo nang sobra-sobra! He’s not funny! He is Disgusting! Di nakakatuwa ang sick jokes nya! He should return to his roots – (vulgar) comedy bar, where he belongs.

    Thanks for the wake-up article Alex! I salute you Jessica!

  13. I see how many people found the Jessica Soho joke offensive. I saw the video clip on YouTube, and I found nothing so offensive that should result in harsh retaliation. But the issue is blown out of proportion, with so many people putting in even ridiculous personal assaults to Vice Ganda.

    The rape issue is overblown to fuel the reason behind Jessica Soho’s indignation. The rape joke is exaggeratedly used in this case to appeal to public sympathy. It would have been believable if Jessica was mad because she was portrayed in the joke as a hypothetical overweight bold star. In fact, the joke was more on the weight of the journalist, with the imaginary rape joke understated, if anything.

    The reason I don’t buy the rape-joke issue is because rape has been used a few times as a subject matter in comedy without any righteous people raising an eyebrow. Moreover, as I’ve said earlier, it’s understated in the case of Vice Ganda’s skit.

    Regarding Vice Ganda’s panlalait as a form of joke, well, comedy can really be like that. Sarcasm is a usual element in comedy. Vice Ganda isn’t the only comic who uses sarcasm or mischief to bring about humor. So, to single him out in this aspect is a mistake. We have seen many comedians in the past who throw water on a sidekick or hit them with a rolled newspaper.

    Vice Ganda is going to be more careful with his material after this. Then again, the public should understand the diversity of comedy. Comedy may touch sensitive issues (death, cancer, crime, etc) that inadvertently may offend critical members of the audience. If we worry about the ethical correctness of every subject matter in comedy, then we might as well abandon comedy altogether.

    Should I be ashamed that I laughed at the overweight bold star joke? No! Does my laugh imply disrespect for Jessica Soho? No! Did the joke change the way I regard Jessica Soho? Again, no!

    • At least we agree on one thing: leaving the personal out of it. I hope I did, as I tried my best to zero in on what Vice did and not what he looks like. Yes, like I said, Vice is not the first nor will he be the last to resort to such style of comedy to make people laugh. He can be funny. There’s no doubt about that. The trouble with his brand of comedy is it’s funny until we find ourselves the target of his jokes. That’s the time it ceases to be funny. Although using a decent and accomplished public figure as the butt of his jokes was uncalled for, Vice would have gotten away with it had he stuck to Jessica’s weight. But he had to put in the gang rape part to up the ante. That’s where he went too far. I don’t know about you, but rape to me and to countless others is a serious matter. If we take it for granted and treat it as a casual thing worthy of being used as material for comedy, then we shouldn’t be surprised if our society soon gets desensitized from all the violence inflicted on women (and men). Well, it’s too bad that rape, as you said, had been used before as a “peg” to make people laugh with the perpetrators getting away with it. Don’t you think we should start cracking the whip on such cruel and insensitive forms of joke from now on? Now is as good a time as any.

      • The trouble with comedy is it’s funny until we take it seriously, which is a mistake. Comedy should never be taken seriously. It shouldn’t be over-analyzed.

        All right, I don’t wish to rationalize my stand any further. Well, we guess rape will no longer be included in future comedy skits for reasons of righteousness and ethical correctness. The righteous critics may then rest. Or so I guess.

      • Tama, alexyvergara! Most of his jokes when I watched Showtime before are mostly in the form of bullying or offensive jokes, that’s why I don’t watch Showtime anymore starting 2013 until now and forever. I’m not shocked in his joke against Jessica Soho kasi mukha na siyang mayabang at bastos magsalita at magbiro before that! Ayoko sa mga baklang tulad niya! Naawa nga ako kay Jessica Soho (even though I’m not Kapuso and I’m not Kapamilya either since I’m more intro English, Asutralian and British shows) kasi what if kung ikaw naman ang tirahin ni Vice sa upcoming jokes niya. I don’t know what’s happening to the society nowadays, hindi na maganda ang Showtime tapos hindi ko alam kung bakit maraming nagkakagusto kay Vice kahit ganyan siya magpatawa at ganyan kapangit ang ugali niya! I’m not one of those people since I don’t like Vice Ganda and I even hate him. Sana hindi na lang siya kasama sa ABS CBN at sana sa comedy bar na lang siya kasi doon siya bagay! Not everyone likes his type of comedy! Malas nga na marami din sa family ko ang gusto kay Vice. Parang ako lang sa amin ang ayaw sa kanya kaya mahirap kung magrarant about ako kay Vice… Hindi naman ako magagalit kung hindi siya ganyan! :[

  14. Very well said alex. I admire the way you explained and rationalized everything. Vice had gone too far. He should be admonished and punished for that.

    • Thanks Josef. I think Vice has had enough “punishment.” In our desire to call attention to what he did, not a few people showed their tendency to go overboard by resorting to insults and personal attacks. If we resort to that, then we’re no different from the person we want to correct. I guess it’s no longer up to him, but his network bosses to address the situation and prevent such a situation from happening again in the future. Vice, like Willie Revillame, is just a talent. The bigger responsibility lies in the people who provide him with a platform to do what he does.

  15. Vice Ganda is just a bad bad vices (parang bisyo yan) bad nga kaya dapat disiplinahin na yan……he’s trying to level his self to the legendary comedian, the late comedy king (dolphy), panchito and chiquito…which is probably not happen, even do what you are going to do to get the attention of the masses it can’t be because you vice compared other comedian ….your nothing…..vice is very good of making bastos joke….without thinking he is in public viewing a lot of minors listen to his jokes……like what he is doing Tado as guest of his noon time show (showtime) Tado is invited as judge when the guy (tado) give his comment to the performer about their performance the actions mostly gay, vice ganda reacted and he is upset of what is Tados comment to the performer,,he is insulted Tado, (Kesyo c Tado daw walang Trabaho, Panget daw Bastos,,walang modo) e cya naman yong bastos at walang modo. Tado is invited being a judge, so Vice Ganda must respect the comment of the judge (tado). He is offended about the comment of Tado…..Vice remember these nobody’s perfect, and nobody’s, remain in pedestal. Lalaos ka rin…..

  16. I don’t know how I completely missed this post!

    I remember that one of the issues pointed out was that the complaints came in days after the show. I guess that’s primarily because nobody had bothered to upload a clip of his show until a few days afterward (that clip was long and considering the state of the Internet in the PH, I’m not surprised that it took the uploader a week). Plus, in a show such as his, sensory overload would surely happen. Comedy shows are like battles – it’s continuous gunfire everywhere so sometimes you don’t know where to look, and you overlook the details. I think that’s what happened here. So in a way, I’m glad somebody put up that video clip on social media because it’s yet another mirror that reflects just how cruel we Pinoys can be to each other most of the time, and yet be so thin-skinned when other nations or foreign columnists put out a satire piece about us.

    Vice must be suffering memory loss because surely he has a mother, aunts, grandmothers, female friends. Does he want them to be the subject of gang rape jokes too? That’s the first thing that came to mind when I watched that moment in the video. Rape is still rape. It’s a heinous crime but it can happen to anyone (CNN reported that an Irishwoman was just recently raped in India – so when will this stop?), and you don’t want to wish it on anyone – woman, man or child – even as a joke.

    Third, I really found his apology totally insincere. He was careful to use “kung” meaning “if,” and not “dahil” (“because”). Clearly, he wasn’t willing to take responsibility for his words and actions. What’s even more galling was what he said to the victims of rape who were offended by his jokes, “kung nasaktan kayo.” Excuse me, are there any rape victims who never got hurt, humiliated or suffered because of what happened to them?

    The best thing GMA can do here is create a code of conduct for their artists, their comedians and show writers. That they will never stoop this low to get a laugh. That if ABS can’t do housekeeping in their own backyard, then GMA will do it.

    • You are as incisive as ever, Mayo. Why did you miss it? Perhaps you were caught up in something else. The way you dissect the Filipino language does reveal a lot about how Vice thought and felt when he gave, some say, a halfhearted, galing sa ilong, apology. That’s very sharp of you. Again, thank you for weighing in on this entry. When I first started writing it, I was having doubts if I was being a bit too harsh on Vice. After all, as some of his supporters insist, he was just doing his job. Why take it seriously? Another letter, which I trashed even imputed malice on what I wrote. I was out to seek vengeance daw on Vice and I’m nothing but a “baklang Bakulaw (cap on the Bakulaw), period.” Hmmm. It was as if calling people names would help improve or clarify the discourse. Let it be said that I don’t know Vice or have met or seen him in person. But what he said needed to be pointed out. And because of people like you, I’m glad I said it. 🙂

  17. I loved reading the article and the comments. “May laman.”

    I just hope that we all learned a lesson here. We all have freedom to say whatever we want, but we should never forget our responsibilities. This is very critical especially in their line of work, they have audience whom they may either entertain or offend. Even if there are no implemented rules, do not forget to set rules for your guidance. They’re being imitated by the audience after all. I wouldn’t want my kids answering my questions ‘ala Vice Ganda’. I find it very rude, feels like there’s no more respect.

    I don’t think Vice was sincere with his apology to Jessica, like what Mayo have mentioned. he never admitted his mistake, and it should have been the first step before making an apology. I believe that he’ll be more careful this time, he wouldn’t want to compromise his career, right? So he’s do better (Let’s pray).

    For everyone, including me, who became a hater or somehow hater of Vice after this, we should forgive him as everyone makes mistakes. But never forget this issue so we wouldn’t repeat the same mistake.

  18. OMG! Sombebody (Peter) actually dared to reply on Vice’s defense. Well … everybody is entitled to their opinion so my opinion is … Peter you are an idiot just like Vice Ganda … enough said!

    • Toh, idiot? Prove it! Calling me an idiot doesn’t invalidate my point and doesn’t make you sound smart. So, I am an idiot. And you are? What? Smart? Now that’s the joke!

      Why don’t you counter my arguments? Until I read something substantial from you, I’ll consider you a late dimwit. Give me something worth reading next time.

  19. Oh Peter … You are a dimwit as any dimwit can ever be. As i will reiterate for the second time around everyone is entitled to their own opinion and so are you dumb-ass idiotic fool (Peter). You can call me all names that you want and you are entitled to it … But nothing will change my own single opinion of you which may coerce others to think of same. No need to invalidate your opinion on Vice … You should just be thankful or not coz I took an effort to read what you wrote (as unwittingly it can be – I read it). Counter your arguments … No need. Your narrow-minded point of view is as solid as any constipated crap that may come out from your cracked-ass old fart. Thank u for making my day as glorious as it can be. Merci!

  20. Dapat matanggal na si Vice Ganda noong 2010 pa! Ang yabang na niya, tapos nakakainis na ang mga biro niya ngayon! Ang pangit na ng It’s Showtime ngayon. Mas maganda pa yung unang season na may mga sumasayaw na mga cultural dance groups, etc. Malandi pa si Vice Ganda, lahat na lang ng lalaki na type niya nilalandi niya. Kung magkakagusto ako sa lalaki, hindi ko ito ipapakita at siyempre di ako lalandi. I really hate Vice Ganda! Sana mawala na siya kung pwede lang. Nice article! The Filipinos should not like this comedian. He’s a bad role model in my opinion. Parati kong nililipat yung channel pag It’s Showtime na kasi nakakainis na siya! Hay naku!

  21. Hi Alexy & co ! I am a bit late in responding but I have just happened upon your blog by accident. I am an Australian who has fallen in love with the Philippines over the last 12 months or so. There are many things about Filipino life and culture that both fascinate and bemuse me, but the standard of TV in this amazing country just leaves me cold! All I can surmise is that Filipinos must be starved for entertainment when they sit glued to the It's Showtime program, guffawing at the inane canned sound effects and the vapid, vacuous rantings of one Vice Ganda. Truly an overrated, overexposed and under-talented waste of televisual space! There…I feel better now…just don't get me started on the commercials…SARAAAP!! Love your work. Keep it up. Cheers ,Andy.

    • You have to understand that Filipinos traditionally are clannish and tribal. We prefer our stories handed orally instead of written. That’s why many of us prefer TV and storytelling to the written word. That is the way we are as a people. Thank you, Andy!

  22. I don’t hate him because he’s gay. i hate him because he’s using his “being gay” to ridicule other people.

    kung lalake ka tas gnwa mo yan, bugbog ka. pero pg bakla, tinotolerate. ok lang magjoke pero piliin mo dapat. unang nakita ko palang yan sa showtime dti, ayoko na. pti mga kapwa nya hosts, binababoy nya. e ang tatagal na nung mga un sa industriya.

    at yung pinakakinakainis ko, ung factor na bakit parang dpat sha lagi ung may huling sasabihin? hindi nman sya ang boss sa showtime db? pero pg sya ang biniro, bumubwelta agd. ayw mgpatalo. kala mo pa kung sino sa mga speech nya. kung proud ka tlga sa pggng pinoy mo at tinataas mo ung bandera ng mga bakla, dapat siguro umisip ka ng ibang paraan para ipakita yun dhil marami kang natatapakan at ginagalit.

    isa ka rin sa mga nkakasira ng imahe ng pilipino.

    • Well, we now have Aldub, which proves that old-fashioned wholesome entertainment still sells. It’s safe to assume that you can only take so much of Vice without puking. 🙂 I guess comedy bar humor is now so out. Thanks for your response.

  23. Nakaka-bad trip talaga yang Vice Ganda na yan! Wala siyang magawa kundi manira na ibang kapwa! Nakakainis yung bago niyang kanta! Parang may sinisiraan siya na ibang tao – kagaya ko na wala namang ginagawa sa kanya! Ang dami tuloy mga bitches ngayon dahil sa kanta yun! Ayoko talaga sa mga ganung babae at wala siyang magagawa doon! Hindi naman lahat ng babae malandi, but sad to say, ang dami sa mga babae ngayon ay malandi! Sana kasi hindi sila ganun! I’m sorry to say this! Hindi naman ako mag-rarant tungkol sa kanya kung hindi ganun ang pinapakita niyang ugali sa It’s Showtime at sa GGV! Remember Vice, hindi lahat ng mga tao ay pareho-pareho. Everyone has their own favorite artists, interests, etc. Kaya huwag ko maki-alam sa buhay ng ibang tao kagaya ko! Dahil sa’yo, hindi ako maka-graduate ng college at wala kang ginawa kundi manlait ng ibang tao! Sana hindi mo na lang ginawa yung kanta na yan… Masyado kang proud sa sarili mo, Vice Ganda. Hindi ka naman maganda inside and out! Sana kasi magresign ka na sa ABS CBN at bumalik ka na sa comedy bar! I really don’t like you! Habang tumatagal ka sa Showtime at GGV, everything nowadays is turning more backwards…. I’m sorry to say this! He’s really a bad influence! :[

  24. The “bakla” humour Vice promotes is not only bad for children but also bad for the gay community in general as it enforces stereotypes and biases against homosexuals.

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